What have I been up to?

Dear all
After missing for months everything I say is sound pretty ridicolous, so let's just concentrate on the fact that I have been out of London for most of last year and part of this one; to be precise I was in Turin, a city that I really love, where I spent three of the funniest years of my life attending my studies.
So that you can see Turin the way I see it, here's some pictures I took whilst there. Enjoy!


Happy 'News' year!!

Hello People!

This new year (wich I wish everybody to be amazingly full of wanderful events) started for me with something fun to post: infact I can finally show some illustration from the new book I published with Lavieri last December! *__*
The story is by Luana Vergari, and if you want to read it you can always buy the book and an italian-english dictionary (you know, for the translation..)
It's about a little kid who's been told is going to have a little sister, and imagines how is it going to be.
Here some of the drawings then!


I feel a bit like gold...

New work? Of course not! This are two illustrations I did at Tandem Films for a pitch. To see the final work feel free to check Jeroen's blog, or Tandem's website, although we ended up going for an other illustrator :-p


How high would you fly to get a Kinder Bueno?

WATCH ad at:

My dear friends, I'm finally back in the real world!
So I introduce everybody to what is been keeping me so busy.
These are stills from the Bueno commercial we have been working on at TANDEM FILMS for the past 2 months!
I hope everybody enjoys the design I did, but, please! no complaints if you don't: I'm tired of making tiny changes!

I thank very much the handsome director, Jeroen Jaspaert (check out his blog!!!), and the rest of the talented crew I've been working with.

This is a very representative still regarding the mood of the project: GIRLY, BUT EDGY.........

My poor musician...

And now, the important things.
It's now open for competition " Spot the Squirrel"

If you can see all the squirrels hiding in the images on the side you'll win a travel in a hot hair balloon made out of kinder Eggs... it's that all right?

Good luck!


This is NOT an advert!

It's just a quick hello to everybody, very quick because I'm really busy, but I'll be back soon!


Hello my dear readers!
This time I'm back with a HUGE new:
my mate Alessandra gave birth to a new blog that is all about our school film, 'Marla'.
On you're right you can see my baby-background: the only one I had the BIG BIG pleasure to color :D.
one day, I promise, I'll introduce you to Marla but, right now, if you want to see more check out