Hi guys! Last week was my brother's Birthday. But since I've been noughty and I did't send him a present, I fought it may be a good idea to let everybody know that I care about it!!
So... Buon Compleanno GIANLU!


Virginia Valle said...

LOL Simona you alive :)I thought you dont like it hehe,sometimes people doesnt want traffic heheh, was a really pleasure so happy, :) This sketch is soooooooooooo beautifulllllllll :),very imaginative..Happy birthday to your bother too ;)

farlocks said...

hi everybody, i'm Simona's brother, and even though I'm far away from England, I want my sister to know how much I care about her (too many "her", perhaps, forgive!).
Ciao Simo, e grazie per il pensiero. un bacio


dibujador said...

HI, i like this little drawings

oldtownboys said...

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